iPhone setup

Setup your iPhone to post your notes to your group timeline.

Set Up

  • Open the the phones internet browser App (Safari App).
  • Enter this internet address qwitsmoking.com/groups/
  • The first time you do this you will be asked to login, enter your email address and password.
  • Your group page will be displayed.
  • At the bottom of the screen will be a button that looks like this, tap the button.

Then select “move to homepage” now the Qwit logo will appear on your home page and is ready to use when you post your note.

Posting your daily note.

  • Write your note (in your own handwriting, NOT TYPED, number and sign it).
  • Use your phone to take a picture of your note.
  • Crop the note to display the words only and reduce wasted space.
  • Goto to the phones homepage and tap the rewired logo, part of your screen should look something like this
  • Now tap the “comment box” when you do this the “add image icon” will appear below the comment box.

NOTE: We use cookies to remember you, this means you won’t have to login every time you press the ‘Rewired logo’ on your phones home page. But if you clear your phone’s browsing history, or choose not to use cookies, you may have to re-login again once only if browsing history is cleared, or login every time if you have chosen not to use cookies on your phone.