A Big Thank You!

Firstly your smoker will need and appreciate your assistance to help them become a real and permanent non-smoker and rest assured the team at Qwit appreciate it as well.

What to do!

A sponsors task is to monitor the smokers notes, in short to provide accountability to make sure the smoker writes and posts his/her note online every single day. Chastise the smoker if they miss a note, encourage them to keep writing their note, and congratulate them for doing so. You may wish to set up your own reward (or punishment) system between yourself and your sponsored smoker it’s up to you. You will use your login credentials to view your smokers support group, and can comment on his/her posts they make in the group.

What Not To Do!

Never mention the word smoker, cigarettes or anything else about smoking, the wrong comments will likely interfere with the Qwit process. Note writing is the pathway to success your task is make sure the note writing process is done. Only compliments on successes can be mentioned, comments like “I notice your not coughing so much” or “your breath smells good” comments like these do not mention cigarettes.

How To Do It.

Simply use this site on your phone, tablet, or computer to check that your smoker has posted (or not posted) their note then write an appropriate comment on their post if you feel the need to do so.

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ, if you can’t find the answer to your question Contact Us.