All You Need To Know

What Drives The Habit?

Breathing and heartbeat rates are automatically controlled by our subconscious without any conscious input from us. Every time we clean our teeth we use the same hand to hold the toothpaste and the other the brush, we do it the same way every time without thinking about it, our subconscious automates our habits. It’s the same with smoking.

Think about it, is there any good reason to light that next cigarette, it’s bad for our health, expensive, makes us stink, and annoys others around us. It makes sense not to smoke but our subconscious mind drives us to light up another one, even when conscious logic tells us we shouldn’t.

The Fix

It’s simple, if we want to truly Qwit forever, without the aid of nicotine replacement therapy and or other medications, our subconscious needs to altered so that it automates non-smoking instead of smoking.

Only then will a smoker be truly freed of the habit.


There are two ways. The first is to use willpower to just stop.  This requires large reserves of willpower and many of us just don’t have enough to Qwit permanently.

The second is to create a new habit that has the effect of altering the smokers subconscious to that of a non-smoker, without the new habit requiring any substantial amounts of willpower or time.  Qwits’  unique online learning by rote approach has been refined to achieve this.

Our ABC’s

Very early in our lives we learn to speak. Eventually we’re off to school and we begin to learn how to read and write, and that starts with the alphabet. Each letter has a sound, once that sound is associated with the letter, it is easier to frame the sounds of words and that leads to reading and writing. The alphabet is embedded in our subconscious, unknowingly we use it every day, while reading this you are using the alphabet, it’s automatic! There is no consciousness involved, You don’t even know your using it, it just happens, but without it you couldn’t read this.

Learning By Rote

At school the alphabet was learned by rote, it was written down everyday, and often chanted as well until it was indelibly inscribed into our subconscious memory, which means it is believed as a fact. Another reason it was learned is simply that we had no choice, we had to go to school, and we were supervised and controlled by a teacher in a classroom group environment.

Without this structure many school children would probably have chosen to play rather than learn the alphabet. Qwits approach is a similar online version of the classroom to teach the subconscious to automate non-smoking.  Smokers don’t have to spend a whole day in the classroom, instead it only takes up to 5 minutes or less a day logged into the online class (group) to become a non-smoker.

Learning To Qwit

Qwit members are placed into an online group (class) of between 8 and 10 smokers. Each member must login to their group everyday and complete their daily task, it will take no more than 5 mins.  The task is simple write a short note, take a picture of it with you phone and post it into your group timeline. Each member will also select a sponsor, their own personal teacher whose job is to ensure the smoker logs in and completes their personal note everyday. There’s more essential information provided to learn what the note must include and how to write it. As with learning the alphabet, in time the note will be indelibly imprinted in the smokers subconscious and automate becoming a non-smoker for life.

How Much Does Qwit Cost?

All pricing is in US Dollars. The initial fee is $54:95 this covers initial setup, note writing instructions and methods, sponsor information, and the first 2 months of membership. This is not refundable under any circumstances. This is followed with an automatic $10 per month fee which is continued for as long as you feel is necessary, you can cancel this deduction at anytime. Once again there is no refund on any monthly subscriptions that have been received prior to your cancellation. Should you ever feel the need to get back into a classroom you can do so without paying another initial fee.

If you really want to Qwit simply Enroll now and we’ll be in touch.

Right now you may be thinking this approach can’t work, it’s too simple, too expensive or just plain silly. That’s just your subconscious at work justifying your reason to say no. So who’s going to be the winner, your subconscious or you?